Are Politically Informed Women Sexier?




Editor’s Note:  Some people have objected to the use of a photo from the 2017 Women’s March in Washingon DC, that drew over one million people.  It seems the photo of the pink hats has a negative, vulgar connotation to some people.  I chose to use this photo because it was colorful and met the technical requirements of this site, but the photo elicited many responses.  It seems many people reacted to the photo but did not bother to read the article. This is unfortunate, but not unexpected, since this was a political article and nerves are very sensitive on both sides. However, the objections seemed to center on the name of the hats, which stems from Donald Trump, who made a famous remark during his campaign that he can touch a woman’s genitals and no one will object. This statement, and many other anti-women comments like it, are what gave the hat its name and the strong reactions to its use. So, in today’s volatile political atmosphere,  Trump has made it possible that a hat is no longer a hat. 

Americans are now in the most politically charged environment since the 1960s when anti-war activism, feminism, a distrust of established institutions, and a final push to make a break from the stodgy 1950s, all culminated in a national movement to change the social and political landscapes.

With a few exceptions, we are living through one of these periods now, one that may usher in a new paradigm if new, forward-thinking political candidates win in the 2020 election.

But in the interim, we are seeing a sharp divide between political parties that has moved to the grassroots levels. It is affecting family and work relationships and even dating. Some women I know will not even date a person if they are from the opposite political camp. For better or worse, these are the political times we now live in.

So, this leads us to a related question: Are politically aware women sexier or more attractive than women who either do not express their political views or are not aware of the nation’s political condition?

Politically Aware vs. Politically Ardent?

When I was dating, I met women who were politically aware, politically active and held strong political view about what was affecting the nation and their own personal choices, such as abortion or how the school board would treat a local referendum. These women always seemed more interesting to me since they had insights into the social and political environment and sources of power that were shaping the debates.  Being aware of political power sources is something all Americans, men and women, should be aware of since it shapes long-a and short-term political outcomes.

For instance, the political and legal future of abortion is now being shaped by at the state and national political levels. These are decisions that can affect the lives of all women for generations to come, so it should concern all women.  But in many cases, that issue and many others don’t register with affected women.

There is also the issue of dating a woman with strong political feelings or interests on any issue.  This includes politics, corruption, the prospects of entering another war, or income inequality.  Now, let’s be realistic. Political policy discussions are not the chief element to any successful date, but a woman’s viewpoint on these issues is still part of her entire presentation.

Don’t Get Too Emotional

Then, there is the issue of how emotional she is on a specific issue.  I once went out on a date and a boxing match was on the TV. She and a group of her friends loudly said the match was barbaric, a gross display of male chauvinism, too violent, and should not be considered a sport.  These are all valid criticisms, but their arguments were too strong and unexpected.  As described in my book, another woman I went out with was an ardent tennis player. She constantly watched matches on TV.  Even if I was a tennis player, I would have to be a fanatic to keep up with her.  It did not last long.

So, my modest answer to the question of whether politically aware and moderately involved women are more attractive than others is: Yes.

One of the greatest compliments you can pay a person is that they were in tune with their generation.  For better or worse, the U.S. political system is at a tipping point. The next election will produce changes can affect people for generations, so it is best to be aware, involved and know the forces that are shaping our lives for years to come.

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