Surprising Sexual Preferences Found Between Men and Women

What do men and women secretly prefer in their sexual relationships and  adventures?

The results may surprise you.

In the new book, Everybody Lies, written by a Google researcher and author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, the research found a few surprises:

  • Women prefer to watch porn more than men, and the search for “violent porn” is more popular among women then men;
  • Women also prefer to watching movies about kidnapping  and horror.  These are fantasy escapes for most women, so it does no indicate they want this to happen, but it was noted by researchers;
  • Women also watch lesbian porn, but most are not lesbians;
  • More women than men say their partner will not have sex with them, as opposed to vice versa;
  • Men tend to be concerned about the size of their penises, especially as they get older;
  • Women are very concerned about their vaginal odor, especially younger women;
  • Men and women have less sex than they claim to have in conversations. This is a cultural thing, since there is a lot of pressure for people to say they have more sex than they actually experience.

So while these results may surprise you, do not despair.

We are all human and suffer from insecurities and strengths.  The memoir, You Don’t Think I’m Beautiful,” explores both from a first-hand perspective.

One lesson to be learned from this lifelong adventure is that you can come out stronger if you pursue a challenge, regardless of the outcome. If you avoid the challenges, you miss out on participating in the lifelong adventure and you are just a spectator to your own life.

And that could be the greatest tragedy of all.

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