The Relationship Ladder: Where Do You Want To Go?

Relationships are a process that develops over time. Relationships can range from emotional to non-committal. They can end overnight or go on for a lifetime. They range from years of true love to one-night stands. 

So here is a relationship ladder that can help show where you want to go.  It is certainly not a map, but a progression, up or down. Or, you can even jump off the ladder and be all alone.

Where Do You Stand on the Relationship Ladder?

  • Very casual,  friends, but not close;
  • Fun only, seeking companionship;
  • Somewhat steady, seeing each other frequently;
  • Somewhat committed, seeing each other 3-5 times a week, talking frequently;
  • “Friend with benefits,” close intimate friends, but not fully emotionally committed;
  • Fully committed, steady friends, seeing each other regularly, possibly living together;
  • No relationship at all with a member of the opposite sex. This can make you happy, resolved, or miserable.

Of course, there are many variations and degrees of relationships, just as there are combinations between men and women. Variations are great since they customize the relationship.

The other key variable is time.  Relationships evolve over time; they strengthen, weaken or dissolve.

So where do you stand on the relationship ladder?

You are in control.

You can move up or down, but you should acknowledge the progression of life events that can push you up or down. It’s your choice.



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