Are You a Hero?

We commonly under-rate themselves. We don’t recognize our own strengths and, importantly, what we have accomplished.

Often we forget the biggest heroes are not the people we see who run into burning buildings or swim into the ocean to save someone. Those are the people who make the news.  But there are millions of others who are just as brave. You are probably one of these people. 

You can be a hero if you overcome personal or financial obstacles to accomplish something that benefits you, your family or friends.

The big difference is that only you know it, but that does not diminish its impact. You should receive a lot of self-satisfaction for doing these things, but don’t expect a party or a medal.

Instead, you know what you accomplished and you should go over the events that made you a hero and carry the feeling inside. Meditate on it and how it makes you feel. Make that feeling a part of your day.

With this feeling in place, you should not succumb to feelings of self-doubt or being ruled by your ego.  Work to avoid the negative.

Everyday women and men are often heroes, but real heroes do not need to be recognized every day. It is part of their personality and soul. It is a feeling no one can ever take away from you.



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