Dating in the Trump Era

We are all creatures of our age.

Current events shape our lives and our attitudes towards the world.

That’s why the turmoil surrounding the Trump presidency have sapped into our daily lives and even into our dating process.

Recent studies have shown that there is a great divide between hard-line Democrats and Trump supporters and that being a hard-core Trump supporter is a deal-breaker for many. Many people of all ages are also depressed.

Yet while this is decried by many, it also shows we have core social and political values that cannot be compromised. This is a good thing. It even makes it easier to weed out potential companions who do not value what you consider important.

But it also raises the question about how we compromise in any relationship. What do we consider important and what makes another person incompatible?

So, what does dating in the Trump Era look like?

  • While challenging, it gives us a chance to clarify our values;
  • It is an opportunity to improve our inter-personal communications;
  • It can lead us to showing more compassion towards others;
  • It gives us the opportunity  to express ourselves honestly, without blame, shame or criticism. We can learn to liberate ourselves from judging others and ourselves.
  • We can become more self-confident and avoid reacting from fear, guilt, anger and depression.

So the Trump presidency may have a silver lining if we can improve ourselves.


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