The Woman Who Hated Puppies

In any dating situation, there is a time when there is the opportunity to advance a relationship.  

This means more communications will be necessary. Often, this is a difficult task. I’ve found that most men have a hard time communicating since it is a complicated process. The reason is that many men have limited emotional vocabularies.  

Sitting a loved one down and saying you have something important to tell her can be ominous and awkward.  If it is not a health alert or news that something bad happened to the dog, what could it be?

One way to test the waters is to ask a simple question: Do you like puppies?

Of course, it may not be that direct, but you can gauge the level of sincerity in the answer and by other responses.  Is the person considerate?  Do they believe in charity and giving someone else an even break? Are they too focused on the bling in American culture and little else?

Since there is a clear divide in our political culture today, some of these questions indicate more about a person than they may want to reveal. So use your instinct and judgment to find out if the person you are dating really hates puppies.  If they do, move on.



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