Are Women More Honest Than Men? New Study Says “Yes”




This is one of the oldest discussions in the war between the sexes and a new study may help settle this question.

In a study of men and women worldwide, a study by AppZen found that men are the biggest offenders of expense report fraud by a wide margin, according to proprietary data from their Expense Report Audit platform.

Of all expense fraud detected by AppZen, only 12.3% were submitted by women, while 87.7% were submitted by men, according to Josephine McCann, senior marketing associate atAppZen.

This number is even higher if you consider that men outnumber women in the workplace worldwide.The Pew Research Center analyzed the labor force data of over 114 nations between 2010 and 2016. Across all these countries, the share of women in the workforce is 45.4%. Since there are fewer women in the workplace, women have less opportunity in general to commit expense report fraud.

Women Take Less Risk

“So, to norm for the disparity in the sheer quantity of women in the workplace, we went ahead and did the math: Even if the workplace were split 50/50 in terms of gender, still only 13.54% of expense misconduct would be committed by women. Accordingly, the “fewer women in the workplace” hypothesis can be discarded,” McCann said.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 28% of C-level positions are held by women. “So, again, norming for the math, in a perfect world in which the entire office and the C-suite within it were split 50-50 across genders, women would still only commit 28% of the expense report misconduct. Accordingly, the ‘lack of female power hypothesis’ can also be removed,” she continued.

Another factor from AppZen found that women may commit less fraud because they take less risk. Too much testosterone, combined with a different attitude, helps men take more risk, so they test the limits of being caught.

So how can this affect your dating plans?

It may be just another interesting fact, or it could show that what you may find distrustful in your boyfriend may be a characteristic of many men.

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