The Opportunities We Have When We Wake Up

It happens every day to every living organism, but for people, waking up is  a magical process.

At the physical level, we sleep because our bodies need to rest, replenish our energy and cell structures and allow our brain activities to lower their levels and repair our neural networks.

But what else happens when we awake every day?

At the spiritual level,  waking up gives us a new chance to complete the work we did before, but more importantly, we also have the chance to re-invent ourselves.

If we made a mistake the day before, we can correct it.  If we did a bad deed or succumbed to our own negativity (a permanent feature in all of us), we get another chance to fix that or better yet, vow not to make that same mistake again.

Waking up gives us a world of opportunities.  We can see the world in a new way.

If you are in a relationship that is not moving in the direction or speed you want, you have the new chance to change.  That is the great opportunity to push past the negativity.  And since you cannot change another person, you can concentrate on making the change that puts you in the right direction.  You can focus your energy since you can only change yourself.

Most importantly, you have that chance to make a profound change every time you wake up.



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